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Ladies' Choice - #1025

Ladies' Choice - #1025

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The log cabin design dates back to ancient Egypt and was found in the artifacts discovered in the pharaohs' tombs.  Today’s log cabin blocks became popular in America around 1860.  Some credit the design to honor Abraham Lincoln and the Kentucky log cabin he grew up in. Whatever the source, by 1880 the pieced log cabin quilt was so prevalent State Fairs had to assign a separate category for all of the entries. 

Pieced basket blocks began appearing around the same time. However, their design had a more varied evolution. Beginning as a quilting motif on whole cloth quilts in the 18th century, they soon became a favorite of

Broderie perse appliqués cut from chintz.  But as scrap bags grew, pieced baskets would come into being. Today there are so many basket block choices you could sew a lifetime of basket quilts.  (24 1/2" square)