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Scraps & Pieces - #1034

Scraps & Pieces - #1034

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Scraps & Pieces 

Many years ago, newspapers across the country published quilt block patterns to entice women to purchase their papers. For a mere three cents one could mail away for a quilt pattern. Or, if wealthy enough, twelve cents could buy ten patterns. This practice became common place for women. Mail ordering patterns remained a typical method of shopping for, and collecting, quilt patterns until the 1940s.

Most quilt blocks have multiple names. The block in the ‘Scraps’ quilt is one such pattern. It goes by many names such as Going to Chicago (1933), New Four Patch (1884), Hour Glass (1924) and World’s Fair (1933). The second quilt in this pattern, called ‘Pieces’, is also know by several names; including Ribbon Star and Friendship Star.   Both quilt patterns are variation on a theme using half-square triangle units.

While sewing your quilt, dream of a new name for it, one you can call your very own.

Scraps Quilt: 20” x 23” Pieces Quilt:  20½” x 24”